How to disable chrome auto update 2018

Disable google chrome Update in 1click 2018 after doing this your chrome work faster than you ever seen before

watch this tutorial to make chrome faster by auto update disable of chrome

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Also, know how to block programs in windows firewall

How To Block Program in Firewall in Windows 7 | easily

How To Block Program in Firewall in Windows 7 easy to advanced methodes 

Normal Configuration
How to block programs in firewall windows

Go to Start Menu and Search "firewall" and Click on Allow a program through firewall 
Now Untick  the box to the left of the application name to block it from accessing internet, while Tick   it allows access to internet
If the program you want to block or unblock is not Found, then you have to click the “Allow another program…” button to add it. Choose the application in the lists and click“Add“. If the program is not on this list, use the “Browse…” button to select the program file manually. from desktop 
Now you can Change any Time You Wish

Advanced Configuration

Go to Start Menu and Search "firewall" and Click on windows firewall with advanced Security.
Click "Inbound Rules" and then click "New Rule" to open the New Inbound Rule wizard. Click "Port" and then "Next."

Select "TCP," enter "1934" (without the quotations) into the "Specific Local Ports" field and then click "Next."
Select "Block the Connection" and then click "Next." Choose whether to disable the port on the corporate domain, a private network or a public network. Click "Next."
Enter a name, such as "Adobe Media Server," into the "Name" field and then click "Finish."
Create another rule following the same process, except this time select "UDP" when prompted.
Select "Outbound Rules" from the left pane, click "New Rule" and follow the on-screen instructions once again to block TCP 1934 and UDP 1934.

Now your Done thanks